andyfied’s Introduction


I am creating a blog here for a number of reasons. Here was my thought process:

  • I bought the domain name “” and didn’t do anything with it. So it seemed like a good time to do something.
  • I thought it would be nice to have an actual personal blog. I have been running and writing for for a while now, but I haven’t really used it to talk about what I’m doing in my life. So an actual blog that I can use to talk about all my on going projects would be nice.
  • I thought it would also be a good place to practise some SEO. If if messes up here then no big deal, if I find something new and cool then I can transfer it to my more important projects. To start off with I will be following this advice and then continuing from there.
  • I can answer some of the questions that people constantly ask me like: Why am I called andyfied? Now I shall state in a loud clear voice “You can find all that information on my website!”

I had a truly awful home page here before I put this up and I have retained a small sample of it for your delight. Now, welcome to:

andyfied's Den of Ineptitude

  4 Responses to “andyfied’s Introduction”

  1. I think this works on my computer or if you don’t get this it doesn’t!

  2. nerd.

  3. You should put more stuff on the Quiche Dick website, that’s my favourite already

  4. I am part way though my next Quiche Dick post, don’t you worry!

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